How To Increase JioFi Speed in 2 Mit (100% Working)

How To Increase JioFi Speed in 2 Mit (100% Working)

How To Increase Jiofi Speed: Jiofi is a portable 4G modem it permits many devices to connect it includes 3G,4G, and 5G tablets, smart android phones, laptops, smart LED televisions, and more. This single jiofi modem handset is used to connect 10 devices at the same time. So all the reliance Jio's 4G long-term evaluation services are available. This jiofi portable router has a standard 2300mAh battery that can last up to 8 hours.

How To Increase JioFi Speed in 2 Mit
How To Increase JioFi Speed in 2 Mit 

A new modem devices support Downloading speed is up to 150Mbps and upload speed is 50Mbps, Now the reliance jio network has developed a new variant of its 4G long term evolution hotspot electronic device it named as Jiofi wireless portable data card or modem, This new jiofi hotspot device is also used to download the files up to 150Mbps speed and upload speed is up to 50Mbps.

In this proposal here we explained the simple and easiest way to increase the speed of your jiofi wireless portable data card. Generally, the jiofi internet speed slows down in that case most of the jiofi users search for how to increase the jiofi speed. To follow the below easy methods you will get a wonderful result.

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Major Reason For Slow Jiofi Internet Data Speed :

  1. The power of the signal range in your area.
  2. Fault in jiofi wireless device, modem, or 4G router.
  3. Configuration of jiofi device or modem or 4G router settings.
  4. Different in jiofi and devices connected

Here we show some of the main reasons that impact jiofi internet data speed,

The power of the signal range in your area:

The reliance jio network company introduced new network towers in every month. In case there is no network tower in your nearby area then you will receive a low signal range that time your jio internet speed will get reduced. So it is preferable to connect with other internet service providers. otherwise, it can also happen that you have reached the daily data limits which results in slow connectivity. For that case, you activate a new additional data pack.

Fault in jiofi wireless device, modem, or 4G router :

If your jiofi wireless data card has any damage which leads to not working properly.

Configuration of jiofi device or modem or 4G router settings:

Unfortunately, Your jiofi setting has changed without your knowledge, please check and go back to the default setting so that your internet speed will be better and you get the jiofi once it is packaged. If still, you did not receive the full speed don't worry about it and try another way.

Different in jiofi and devices connected:

The major reason for slow internet speed is distance. The distance between the jiofi 4G modem to the connected device is too long the jiofi internet speed will decrease as you move the device nearer to your jiofi wireless handset data card now you receive the proper signal range. The distance between the device and the jiofi is more than 8 to 10 meters only.

A number Of Devices Connected With One Jiofi Modem Or Router: 

You can connect your jiofi portable handset with more than 10 devices. Here we should not recommend connecting more devices to it. If you connect more than 10 devices to jio handset modem then your jiofi internet speed will decrease.

How To Increase Jiofi Speed: 

You didn't find out the above faults in your jiofi modem or router does not increase the jiofi internet speed then you can try some APN settings>Which can definitely improve your jiofi internet speed. Here we explained two different methods to enhance your jiofi internet speed,which is given below,

Method-1: To Increase The Jiofi Internet Speed: 

  1. Open your mobile phone or tablet or laptop,
  2. Select the browser option and visit the jiofi login page.
  3. Type the correct user name and passcode, default username, and password as administrator.
  4. Choose the setting option and select the LTE, then choose the APN from the list.
  5. Now change the APN network from automatic to manual.
  6. Finally on switch on the IP address to ipv4 and select the apply setting button.

Now you upgrade the setting to get high jiofi internet speed, but still, you can't improve your jiofi internet speed. You may try the next given method to increase the jiofi internet speed.

Method-2: To Increase The Jiofi Modem Internet Speed:

  1. Yours are not logged in to your jiofi modem then sign in now
  2. Type the default username and password as administrator or sign with your username and password
  3. Then select setting option and select network then choose wifi option from the sidebar list
  4. Set the channel to 11(2.462 GHz) and save the settings, don't change any other settings on your jiofi modem.

Now you check the internet speed of your jiofi modem device, definitely, your internet speed will get boosted up. Jiofi modem speed will surely increase with these settings.

Final Thoughts:

Now we are entered at the end of this post, here we explained the various reasons for slow jio internet speed and solutions to recover this issues. If you are a reliance jio network user and you have the jiofi modem and also have a network problem this article is definitely used to rectify the problem.Fully ready this proposal and enjoy with your jiofi high internet speed.

Frequently Asked Questions :

Does the jiofi modem give more speed than mobile?

  • The same reliance sim card on the phone is working with a good network and high speed. This jiofi wifi device is having very little signal strength. The network speed is low compared to mobile speed.

Is jiofi better?

  • It has 4 stars out of 5 stars value for money. Expect battery overall product is good to use. You can do audio calls and video calls and send messages. There is also a slot for sd card.

Is jiofi good for smartphones?

  • This jiofi is not surly wifi that can be used to watch TV online.

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